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Tifany is Looking Sexy in Black

Almost any woman can look sexy in black, but in this Sexy in Black video from Wives in Panty Hose, part of the RK network, Tifany redefines black and redefines sexy. This is one hot girl, and definitely one you’d like to have next door. Tifany starts off looking sultry and sexy in black, but as she gets started she shows us that what’s under those sexy black clothes is a hot sexy pussy that’s in need of some loving. The fact that there’s no cock nearby doesn’t stop her – she gets down and dirty all by herself, enjoying the deep dark sexy blackness of her dirtiest thoughts and fantasies and she pleasures herself until she’s done.

Lexi is All Alone, So What Does She Do Next?

Poor  has been left all on her own, but this being a Wives In Panty Hose video from RK you can be pretty sure that she’s not going to let a little thing like that stop her from having fun. In this All Alone video Lexi shows us just what a girl can do with herself, which actually begs the question of whether she actually needs anyone else at all. If this is what she gets up to on her own then she could well be dangerous if let loose with a real cock! This video lets her show off her thoroughly sexy curves.

Jackie gets Great Finger Pleasure

Who needs a cock when you can have ten fingers exploring the deepest darkest regions of your pussy? That seems to be the thinking behind this Finger Pleasure video featuring Jackie in this Wives in panty Hose video from RK. Jackie is given free rein to enjoy herself, just as long as the camera gets to see every moment of sexual excitement as waves of orgasmic pleasure ripple through Jackie’s hot sexy body as she moans with pleasure. If you enjoy seeing a woman go from sexy to utterly fucked all by herself then this video will bring you as much pleasure as it did Jackie.

Bailey Features in Pink n Red

When Bailey was asked to do a video called Pink n Red she could have thought they were referring to her sexy outfit, after all, this is a Wives in Panty Hose video, or perhaps it could have been soft drink. As it happens we think the pink and red refers to her luscious pink pussy lips which by the end of this video, were definitely going red. And there was no need for soft drink to moisten the lips – this is one wet pussy. Bailey is a woman who knows every inch of her body and how to enjoy it, and by the end of this video it won’t be only Bailey who’s going from pink to red.

Autim is a Teaser Pleaser

Autim is the latest full on hottie to put herself up on the Wives in Panty Hose site! She’s a real Teaser Pleaser and she’s willing to share her bounteous booty with the world! All we can say at RK is: lucky hubby!

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Michelle Sweet Uses her Friendly Fingers for Satisfaction

There’s something oh so right about seeing a gorgeous wife fingering herself in her sexy panty hose! That’s why RK created Wives in Panty Hose, a site for wives with Friendly Fingers to get themselves off for your pleasure! Check out Michelle Sweet and her soaking wet pussy today!

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Kinzy Has Butter Fingers

Butter Fingers is one finger lickin’ good Wives in Panty Hose movie! Kinzy shows you how tasty she is in her smokin’ hot lingerie and sheer panty hose that don’t stop until you get to paradise…

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